ECG062. Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral V/VI cc. Fragment

Material: Local stone

Object type: Stele

Dimensions: w 19 x h 25 cm

Text: Three line inscription. The figure of “Bolnisi Cross” embedded on a medallion shaped with small triangles is embossed on the base of the plaque surface. The inscription is carved below the cross. w 11 x h 5 cm

Letters: Embossed Asomtavruli inscription 2

Date: V-VI AD

Findspot: Bolnisi Sioni Bolnisi Sioni Cathedral is located in Kvemo Kartli, 9 km away from city Bolnisi to the south, 1 km distance from the village Bonis-Khachini. The inscription was discovered during the archaeological expedition held by the Cultural Heritage Preservation Committee supervised by Levan Muskhelishvili in 1937.

Original location: Bolnisi Sioni

Current repository: Unknown

Last recorded location(s): National Museum of Georgia 329

Summary: Fragment

Editor(s): Nodar Shoshiashvili

Changes history: 2019-10-29 Eka Kvirkvelia ტექსტის სრული კოდირება, მეტამონაცემების სრული კოდირება, ბმულებით დაკავშირება ავტორიტეტულ წყაროსთან

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ქ(რისტ)ე []
[შ(ეი)წყ]ალე და [შვ(ი)ლ]-
[ნი მის]ნი ყ(ოვე)ლნ[ი]


ႵႤ []
[...]ႠႪႤ ႣႠ [...]
[.. ...]ႬႨ ႷႪႬ[.]


… Christ, Have mercy on … and his sons


According to the Corpus of Georgian Inscriptions by Nodar Shoshiashvili the basis for attributing the inscription N14. The inscription can be dated according to the paleogeographic data: the top of the grapheme ყ is open. The grapheme ლ has a hardly noticeable additional horizontal line.


ნოდარ შოშიაშვილი, ქართული წარწერების კორპუსი, ლაპიდარული წარწერებიbibliography.xmlb101, 79-80

საქართველოს სახელმწიფო მუზეუმის ქართული ეპიგრაფიკული ძეგლების კატალოგიbibliography.xmlb111, 43


   Fig. 1.